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  Frequently asked questions about Chinese Visa

    -Chinese Visa FAQS
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  To facilitate your application and save your precious time, we have been making efforts to provide easy and clear information on Chinese visa. However we realize that the visa application can sometimes be confusing. Therefore we provide a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), which we hope will help.

1. Q: What documentation is required to apply for a Chinese Visa?
A: Your valid & actual passport; one additional passport photo; one application form (BG-01).

2. Q: Can I provide the embassy or consulate with a photocopy of my passport?
 A: Your must provide your actual passport.

3. Q: I'd like to travel to China as a tourist. Should I provide an invitation from a Chinese travel agency or  my friends?
A: Not necessary. If we need any supporting information, such as itinerary or a letter of invitation, the consulate will telephone you immediately.

4. Q: I frequently travel to China for business consultation. How can I get a multiple visa?
A: Multiple visas only granted for business purpose. Please ask your business partners in China to contact the
local government office to issue an invitation. The invitation should be sufficient for the embassy or consulate to issue the visa.

5. Q: I have read " Instruction of authentication". Does my visa application form need to be 
A: No. Authentication applies only to documents being used in China for commercial or civil affairs, or for 
lawsuits.You only need to sign on the application form.

6. Q: In the application form, items 2 & 3, does " Former Name" refer to " my maiden name", and " last name"& "given name' my current name?
A: Item 2 "Former Name" does refer to your maiden name. In brief, Item 3 should be the same as they appear on your passport.

7. Q: Item 24, my wife and I are going to China together. I should put my name in this item?
A: No. Leave it blank. It refers to the situation in which a child who does not have his/her own passport is to travel  to China with his/her parent and uses the parent's passport on which the child's name appears for visa application. If your child uses the mother or father's passport, and he/she is going to China with you, please fill it out. In the Chinese visa, It will be marked the visa label and charge it for 10 dollars.

8. Q: My child is traveling to China with me. He cannot sign on his application; can I sign it on behalf?
     A: Yes. Be sure to let the visa officer know that you signed for him.

9. Q: One of your requirements is that my passport must have 6 months validity remaining. Does that
mean that my passport has to be at least six months old, or that it must have at least six months left on it? I just received a new passport. I should wait six months before I apply the Chinese Visa?
A: Your passport must have at least six months left before it expires. A new passport is good. There is no need to  wait for six months before applying for a Chinese Visa. You may apply on the first day having your passport.

10. Q: I'm a German (or other country) citizen and I have an American green card. Can I apply visa in the USA? How much is the visa fee?
A: The requirement is the same as that of American citizens. Additionally, those who are not American citizens
and would like to apply for visa in the USA should provide the photocopy of American green card or social
security card to support their applications. The visa fee is also the same as that for American citizens.

11. Q: I can't pull out your application from the Internet, can you e-mail me one?
A: We can't e-mail it to you. Please give us your fax number and we can fax one to you. Or you can give us your address and we can mail one to you.

12. Q: I try to call visa office, but it is very difficult to reach.
A: Visa office says they receive 350 or more calls from different states. They must be overburdened already. It seems impossible to answer all of these calls. If you have a question to which you can't find the answer on the website, you can e-mail or fax them.

13. Q: I have a friend who is disabled (handicapped). Can he apply for a Chinese visa?
A: Sure. Please be advised that his relative(s) or friend(s) should go along with him if he needs help and assistance.

14. Q: Can I take pets to China?
A: According to regulations formulated by the relevant Chinese government office, foreigners who wish to take pets to China should be acknowledged:
1) One pet per person is allowed, limited to dogs, cats, or birds;
2) The pet should be immunized before going to China. Please prepare a state Immunization Certificate and a  Health Certificate issued by a certified veterinarian.
3) Upon arrival in china, you must notify the custom official that you have a pet with you and present the above-
mentioned documents.

15. Q: I'm going to China on June1, and my visa will expired on June 10. Can I still stay in China for 30  days?
A: Yes. A Chinese visa is good for 90 days from the date of issuance. Within 90 days (please note the time
difference between China and the U.S.) you can enter China. And from the date of your entrance, you can stay in China for 30 days (the duration period is written in the visa label).

16. Q: I am wondering whether you have received my passport. Can I call the visa office to check the
status of my application?

A: Please don't calling them for the status of your visa processing unless you haven't received your passport after 15 days of submission. Remember, your name, passport number and contact telephone should be provided.

17. Q: Do I have to see a doctor to have " Physical examination record for foreigner" filled out?
A: This form is strictly for those who will work or study in China over 1 year (360 days). If you are to stay in
China for less than one year, you don't have to see a doctor to fill it out.

18. Q: I am going to Guangdong, then to Hongkong and back to Guangdong for one night. Does it mean that I must have a double-entry visa?
A: Absolutely. Double-entry visa means you can enter into mainland of China twice within 90 days. Since you are going to Guangdong in the mainland of China twice, you must have a double-entry visa. Although being part of China, Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region (See information about Hong Kong visa).

19. Q: Do I need any shots before traveling to China?
A: None is required, although your doctor might recommend some. Check with your doctor.

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    Great post with lots of impotrant stuff.
* an over stay visaEpie Primus at 2010-7-31 1:38:51
    Ihave a friend who has an over -stay visa in China. He have  been struggling to go back to his country to no avail .Now that  his relatives have sent him money and he wants to go back to his country. He went to Guangzhou to pay the fine and get a visa to enable him go home but the Guangzhou immigration authorities told him to go and get it from where hie got his last visa . he can,t read chinese very well. why can the Guangzhou immigration not do the visa? Is GUANGZHOU NOT PART OF MAINLAND CHINA? Please i would like to know why guangzhou immigration refused to do the overstay visa. Thanks
* student visamary lim at 2009-6-22 10:28:05
    Dear Sir/Mdm,

I would like to ask about my sons students visa,we are L visa now in Fuzhou,china.we want to apply visa for my sons,
so can we apply in hongkong or nearest in fuzhuo to do  apply visa, instead to go back...and how about me I am their mother...what kind the visa i have apply.
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