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  Old Friend Noodles

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This delicious hot and spicy meal has a history of over a century. It is fabled that there once was man who drank tea at his friend, Zhou's, teahouse everyday. Once day, he failed to turn up at the teahouse due to catching a cold. The owner of the teahouse, Mr Zhou, cooked a bowl of noodles made with spicy ground garlic, lobster sauce, chili, sour bamboo shoots, ground beef and pepper to give his sick friend.  The sick man ate the noodle soup and began to sweat profusely. He was soon cured from his illness and was able to promptly return to his regular visits to the teahouse.  Thus, the dish gained the name 'Old Friend Noodles'. These noodles, native to Nanning, are known to stimulate the appetite and expel cold and damp from bodies sick bodies. Old Friend Noodles is a must try meal when you visit Nanning, ask for 'Lao you fen'.

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