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  Requirements of China Visa

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1. General requirements fo China Visa:
(1). One completed application form, it can be down loaded on our website or obtained from the Chinese Embassy or
        Consulate by fax.
  (2). Two 2" x 2" photos.
  (3). Passport with validity no shorter than 6 months and more than two unused visa pages;

2. Other requirements for China Visa:
(1). For tourist visa: Clearly copy of flight ticket if available or itinerary.
  (2). For business visa, long term work visa and multiple visa: An invitation letter/telegram from the Chinese
        Government or Government- authorized Chinese company.
  (3). For student visa: An application form for international students (JW202) issued by the State Education
        Commission of China and a notification of admission from the receiving college with the seal of the commission.
  (4). For Government officials and members of missions traveling to China for official business or accreditation: An
        official note from the Government or the mission.
  (5). For students and those on business whose stay in China exceed 6 months: A notarized health certificate.
  (6). For transit visa: A valid visa to the country of destination, a letter of invitation or an air ticket.
  (7). Children of Chinese descent should provide parents' passport and green card copy as well as children's birth
        certificate copy.
  (8). Applicants whose birthplace is China must provide Chinese character name.

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