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  Saving Money on Traveling

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  When you are planning for an independent travel, you might need to work out a budget. The ideal vacation will give the most fun for the least spending. The following tips might help you save money in travels:

  1. In general, the expenses on transportation command a big part of the budget. Travel by train if you have enough time. You can save a lot in this way. An example is, from Chongqing Municipality to Beijing, a round-trip flight costs about 2,800 yuan (US$337), while a round-trip train ticket costs only 800 yuan. The difference reaches 2,000 yuan.

  2. It is also important to select the most economic vehicles after you have arrived at the travel site. Choose from city buses, taxis or shuttle buses for special routes to scenic spots. A good suggestion is to buy a map and design the most suitable transport route in advance.

  3. Hotel expenses can also cost a lot if you do not have good choices. It is important to bargain for the rate at each hotel. A good way is to book your room through a travel agent or an Internet travel service provider before you start traveling.

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