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  Beating the Gong and Digging the Earth

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Beating the gong and digging the earth is the Yao minority's Production custom. Early in the spring, people planning to prepare the soil for planting tell the neighbours in the village. The villagers get together to help, lining up in a row, waiting their turn. Upon the first beat of the gong a song is sung and the group begins to dig in unison. This way of farming is a tradition of collective labour originating out of clan society. There are some rules for this method of work: follow the gong to work or rest; while at rest, people are not allowed to sit on the dug earth; the singer sings production songs, ancient songs, knowledge songs and love songs. The beating of the gong and chanting of the songs coordinate the labouring action and stimulate the spirit, relieve tireness and raise productivity.

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