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  Shopping In Nanning

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  As the provincial capital, Nanning is the commercial center of Guangxi and offers you many shops and markets with numerous specialties.
  Nanning is also the capital of the Zhuang Autonomous Region,so you will find a lot of Zhuang artifacts. The local Zhuang brocade is most renowned for its floridity and durability. Embroidered balls are another popular souvenir; Traditionally young Zhuang women throw such balls to their beloved ones as a keepsake.
  Xingning district is a major commercial area with numerous shops lining the streets. The city garden and flower market is an ideal place to find bonsais, root carvings as well as some antiques and drawings.
  The Nanning Antique Store offers samples of traditional Chinese culture and local Guangxi culture.
  Shops are also clustered around Chaoyang Road where you can find some local specialties


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