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  Dry Fence Hut

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Zhuang, Dong, Yao, Miao and Han ethnic groups all share a common style in architecture, namely - the Dry Fence Hut or Wooden Cabin.  The hut is a two storey cabin. The upper level is divided into 2 to 5  rooms and is the main living quarters for a family. The lower level is made up of wooden pillars, bamboo sheets and wooden boards as walls, which is used as stable for livestock or storage for farm tools, firewood and other belongings. 

Some huts have attics and some have other smaller ajoining structures. Most wooden cabins are near a hill or a river, facing the fields and have good lighting. Some villages such as can be seen in Sanjiang have a group of wooden cabins that typify the traditional village scene. In some villages, the cabins are inter-connected, and form one big home. The interiors of the cabins vary for each minority. In Longji village, Longsheng County, the cabins for the Zhuang minority have a shrine at the center, behind which is the bedroom for the father in-law that is conencted to the bedroom for the mother-in-law. The wife of the house lives in the right room while the husband's bedroom is on the right of the sitting-room. The room for the guest is on the left in the front and girls' bedrooms are on the right near the stairs so that it is convenient for them to make contact with young men outside. The arrangement of rooms is such to sperate the couples in different rooms. Nowadays, the wooden cabins have slight changes but the principals remain the same.

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