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  Making Camellia Tea

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This is Dongs' diet custom, which is populous in the areas of Northern Guangxi. This diet is complete with tea, maize or fried glutinous rice, cake, soybeans and peanuts. People eat it with ginger slivers, spring onion, pepper. Some Camellia tea is added with shrimps, small fish, pig's bowels and livers and pork. Dongs' custom goes like this: "when guests come to my home, there is no pure tea but Camellia tea." When Camellia tea is being made, the host and guests are sitting of around the fire and the hostess is in charge of cooking and serving tea. The first bowl tea must be sent to the distinguished guest or the oldest one. When the host says:"please", guests will begin to drink. Drinking four bowls in succession is to show the greatest respect to the host. On the 15th of the 9th lunar month when Dongs' young people visit other village, Camellia tea is the first choice. They have to drink 15 bowls in succession while singing. Camellia tea helps refreshing, getting rid of rhumatism, presenting cold and stimulating appetite. It has the effect on keeping healthy and medical treatment

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