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  Shopping in Beihai

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  Begin your Beihai shopping excursion from beautiful Beibuwan Square in the heart of the city. Modern well appointed shopping malls and Jewry gift shops with friendly sales clerks will make your experience a pleasure. The choices from our famous local pearl products, jewellery and handicrafts will amaze our visitors.Image
  From the pearl beds of Beihai come China's famous south sea pearl, pearl-based cosmetics and medicinal products. The favourable sub-tropical climate of Beihai region delivers a wide range of agriculture products, vegetables fruits, flowers and sugar cane. For the tourist visitor industry local entrepreneurs design delicate horn and sea shell ornaments and colourful bamboo weaving handicrafts. Beihai is a major world exporter of brilliant high quality fireworks. During festival occasions the skies of Beihai light up with fantastic colourful displays

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