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  Belle Village in Longzhou County

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    Belle Village is located at the BanLiTun, 5 km the north of Jinlong Town. It is famous because there are lots of belles and most of villagers are above 80 years old, so it is called Longevity Village too. villagers are main Zhuang and Dai People whose characteristic is good at plaiting, embroidering and singing, Duds are not only Long Shirt, but also Short Shirt. It is said that the ancestor came from Dai People, who married local people, all kinds of customs have two national trait, so it is called minitype Xishuangbana.
    In 1995, the village has become tourism pot, many people have traveled it.

Belle Village's History

    It is called Ban Pool for the spring named Yuquan in the front of village. it is a story that there is a natural pool which is limpidity, so fairy often go here to swim, using water irrigation, plants flourish, firstly, it is called Yudi Village, later changed name Ban Pool.
    The spring is truly wonderful, maybe it is a mineral spring containing abundant substances. Drinking conduit make you become more beautiful, especial girl. So the village is praised Belle Village.


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