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  "Huapao" Festival

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On the third day of the third lunar month of every year, the Dong in Fulu, Sanjiang celebrate the Fireworks Festival, a long known as "sanyesan". While this festival is also observed in other areas in sanjiang on the first and second or the tenth lunar months. Competitive activities dominate this festival, abounding in explosive of firecrackers, "Grabbing the Hoop" is the most popular game. Thousands of people await the arrival of young men carrying the "Huapao"--three metal hoops that are individually wrapped in red cloth and placed on top of three long cylinders containing explosive. They are led by a procession of musicians, and followed by carriers of prizes. when lit, these three huge firecrackers carry the hoops sky-high. As it descends, hundred of young Imagemen grab for the ring. This activity is played three times, once for each ring.  The first ring stands for wealth and long life, the second for promotions and the third for fertility. The  lucky winners are awarded colorfully decorated trophies, called "pao-ping" which are filled with meat,  money and rice wine, and are decorated with paper figures, flowers and a mirror. The responsibility of  providing the awards and firecrackers for the next festival falls on the winners.

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