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  Local Speciaty of Yulin

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 There are more than 30 categories of 150 kinds of distinctive fruits in Yulin City. It is the center for Guangxi Lychee, longan, Shatian grapefruit, mango, banana, tangerines, resin, birds and domestic animals. It has some well-known names such as "Town of Lychee", "Town of Longan", "Town of Shatian grapefruit". The cassia oil, anise and resin are Imagefamed all over the country. Luchuan Pigs are one of the 8 national famous pig breeds. Bobai Pigs famous for lean meat have an extensive market in Hongkong and Macau. Bobai geese, Beiliu Fish, Rongxian Yanxia Chicken, Wushu Sanhuang Chicken and Bobai Kongxin vegetables have long enjoyed a good reputation. Unrefined medicinal herbs, wild animals and plants are also abundant in Yulin.

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