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  Liangfengjiang National Forest Park

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Name of  Project
Liangfengjaing National Forest Park

Location of Project
National Forest Park in Liangfengjiang Southern Suburb of Nanning

Total Investment and Pattern of Cooperation
The total estimated investment for the project is RMB 520 Million. Joint venture and/or cooperative management is preferred. The inviting party will provide and/or lease the land, while the investor(s) will provide most of the construction funds.

Project Scope
Based on the sound ecological environment of Liangfengjiang National Forest Park (hereinafter referred as the Park) and by reasonably utilizing the existing natural resources, the Project will be built into an integrated tourism zone, providing the tourists with forest tour, leisure holiday tour, sightseeing & entertainment, culture & art appreciation and folk-custom showing activities, which are characterized by the personal participation and experience of tourists. The proposed project includes the construction of such items as Primeval Holiday Village, Baiyue Zhuang Capital, Green Rare Flower Seeding Garden, Fighting Recreation Ground( rebuilding) and Buddha Tree Mountain Lodge (expansion), etc.

Project Background
Liangfengjiang National Forest Park is listed within the first group of state-level National Forest Parks approved by the former State Ministry of Forestry, situated in the Southern Suburb of Nanning with sound geographical advantages and fascinating forest landscape. Seven(7) km away from Nanning, the Youyi Highway passes through the Park, providing convenient traffic conditions to tourists. The infrastructure facilities for water, power and telecommunications are complete and are conducive to the further development of the park. The overlapping mountain ridges and peaks within the park are covered by flourishing forests where birds are singing sweet songs while flowers are giving forth their delightful fragrance, offering the tourists a picturesque wonderland scenery. With more complete service and supporting facilities for the tourism industry, the park has become a key tourism zone of Nanning and was rated as tourism zone with class AAAA by the National Tourism Administration through appraisal in 2001

Progress of Project Preparation
Liangfengjiang National Forest Park is a large-scale and comprehensive tourism development project. Up to now, the scenic  spots within the Park that have already been open to tourists are the Plant Kingdom, Buddha Tree Park, Amusement Park and large-scale Grass Sliding Ground. More projects are now under planning and/or about to start, of which the planning and designing for primeval Holiday Village have been concluded. We are now trying to actively attract the investments through various channels to finance and promote the development and construction of the project.

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