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  Tour on Charming Liuzhou

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    Here is beautiful well-endowed land. Unique karst rock landform endows picture-like scenery with green hill, clear water, fantastic stone and deep and quiet cave, you can enjoy beautiful scenery everywhere in the warm and humid place surrounded by waters and hills.
    Here is a famous ancient historical and cultural city. Thirty thousand years ago, the ancients began their life of slash and burn cultivation here. From organization system of Xihan Dynasty till now, historical remains everywhere and scholars and politicians' biography and poems have recorded over 2100 years' tottering history.
Here is a simple, hospitable and charming garden. A great number of folk songs and legends, bold and open nationality festivals, exquisite Dong Nationality architecture and over 20 minority nationality's various customs life outline colorful custom culture.
    Here is a giant dragon with heroic and brave posture. Creating new modern figure of Commercial Port in Guangxi, taping new growth of traditional industry, Liu Zongyuan and Liu Sanjie's nationality culture, an important traffic city in the Southeast China and fantastic stone industry bring infinite business opportunity, The open idea of Big Industry and Big Liuzhou exhibits a flexible, open and all-embracing and great spirit.
For such a charming land combining with tradition and modern, customs and fashion what are you worried about? Come on, carry your traveling bags, now, let us leave for Liuzhou.

Eight Chengyang VillagesImage
    Eight Chengyang Villages are one adjoined each other. Viewing by standing at the hillside beside Chengyang Bridge, Linxi River winds its way under the foot, Dong nationality's foot hanging towers near here are situated beside rivers at the foot of mountains, giant water wheel turns slowly, with rippling sound of water, ease and relaxed, just as life here.

Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge
     Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge, located Liuxi Village, 20 kilometres from North of Guyi Town. Sanjiang County, also called Yongji Bridge and Panlong Bridge, is a key national protection unit. Built in 1961, the representative work of Dong Village Wind and Rain Bridge, it is the wind and rain bridge with best conservation and biggest scale and also art treasure in the wooden architecture in China, the bridge is magnificent and imposing. Surprising place of its architecture is that no single nail or rivet is used, big or small bar wood, connected with tenons by chiseling

Drum TowerImage
    Drum Tower is a symbol of Dong village, there is a drum tower where is a village, only the building style and height are different. Mapang Drum Tower is one of the most famous drum towers in China, built in Ming Dynasty, hit by village fire for several times, the existing drum tower was rebuilt in 1943. the drum tower is pagoda style, 15 meters high, 11 meters wide, nine floor eaves in total, each floor has eaves, which are drawn various patterns such as flowers, grass, fish, birds and character, the top part of the tower is covered with green tiles.

Longtan Scenic SpotImage
    Longtan scenic spot is located in the South of Liuzhou and it is 3 kilometers away from the city center, the planned area is about 544 hectares, it is a large sized tourist scenic spot with karst natural water and mountain landscape. Minority nationality culture in South china and subtropical karst plant landscape.
    Famous scenic spots are one lake(Mirror Lake) and two pools (Longtan and Leitan). Water temperature in Leitan and Longtan is constant, during winter season, the pools are full of rising water vapor and curling fog, so it is called Misty Rain of Double Pool. Liu Zongyuan, a famous writer and Liuzhou prefectural governor in Tang Dynasty, prayed for rain for people here and wrot which has been handed down from ancient times. The park is to be built specially with varied and graceful nationality architecture and customs in Guangxi and South China and it is combined with minority nationality customs feature and beautiful natural scenery. Nationality customs tourist line have begun to take shape, Dong Village built with Drum tower, Longtan Wind & Rain Bridge, Wooden Resident Building and Relaxed Mountain House shows a splendid sight. Longtan Wind & Rain Bridge stretching over the mirror lake is a kind of archaized reinforcing steel concrete corridor bridge, which is designed and built on the basis of Sanjiang Chengyan Wind & Rain Bridge. The whole bridge is characterized by its pavilion with upturned eaves

Fish Peak Scenic SpotImage
    Yufeng Hill is shaped like a standing fish, so it is also named Fish Standing peak, green trees on the hill make a shade, it is also called Little Dragon Pool with a clear water at the foot of the hill. Viewing upwards & downwards beside the pool bank, the pool peak forms a beautiful reflections, like a giant carp leaping in the pool surface, so it is named Fish Leaping in South Pool, seven caves are connected with each other on the hillside, which is called Vise Mind Seven Portals.

Former Residence Of Former Vietnamese President Hu Zhiming Liuzhou
     Hu Zhiming Former Residence, located inside the Yufeng primary school in the city, is two storey building with the brick and wood structure. The building, facing east, has a building area of 264 square meters, Hu Zhiming (18901969), founder of Vietnamese Labour Party and Democratic Republic of Vietnam from August 1942 to September 1944 lived here to carry out revolutionary activities. The former residence was listed into the relic protection unit of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is December 1977.

Liu ZongyuanImage
     Liuhou Temple, located inside Liuhou Park in downtown area, built in commemoration of Lu Zongyuan, a famous politician, thinker and writer in Tang Dynasty, began building in the second year of Chang An Period (A.D822) in Tang Dynasty, it has a history of over 1,000 till now, Liu Zongyuan, styled Zihou (A.D773-819), from Hedong (presently Yuxiang Town, Yongji City, Shanxi Province). He was a council of the Ministry of Rites in Dang Dynasty, he was demoted because he participated in the political reform and failed it and lived in Liuzhou in his old age (A.D 815819). During his stay in Liuzhou, he abolished the slaves, promoted culture and education, cultivated farmland,dug wlls and lanted oranges and villows, he did many good deeds beneficial to the people, Song wweizong posthumously offered him as Wenhui Marquis at the late North Song Dynasty after he died in Liuzhou for three years, so the temple to memorize LiuZongyuan is called Marquis Liu Temple, The present Liuhou Temple is rebuilt according to the construction features of Qing Dynasty, many cultural relic and historical materials are displayed in the temple, which affects biographical notes and political achievements.


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