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  Ancient Town Tourism Zone in Yangmei

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Name of Project
Ancient Town Tourism Zone in Yangmei

Locatio of Project
Yangmei Village and Its Surrounding Area in Exurb of Nanning

Total Investment and Pattern of Cooperation
The tatal estimated investent for the project is RMB8 Million. Joint venture and/or cooperative management is preferred. The inviting party will provide the funds for land developent and infrastructure construction, while the investor(s) will inject most of the construction funds.

Project Scope
With the ancient town of Yangmei as the center together with Hutiandu Island, Xialeng Village and Zhixin Village in the peripheral area, the Project will be built into an integrated tourism zone with the tourism activities of Ancient Town Sightseeing, Leisure Holiday Tour, Ecllogical Tour, Paddle & Entertainment, Landscape & Ruraltit sightseeing. The project will also serve as a key node in planned sightseeing Strip along yangjiangriver. The proposed items of the Project are the Rehabilitation of Ancient streets and Building, Construction of Holida Zone, Xxialeng Ethnic& Folk Culture Village, Zhixin Ecological Tour Village, Htian Island Baiguo(hundred fruit varieties) Garden and other tourism Service Facilities.

Project Background
the ancient town of Yangmei was established dating back to the Song Dynasty and has developed to cover and area of 1,2 square kilometres and accommodate the inhabitants of 5,360 at present. The own, 36 km way from Nanning, is located in the lower reaches of Yujiang Rive, surrounded by river water in three sides, forming a peninsula in topography. The life style of the people living in Yangmei follows a rustic and primitive folkway. And Yangmei is famous for its ancient town, clear water, golden beach, bizarre stones and weird trees. Yangmei was also the revolutionary base for MR. Huangxing and MR. Liang Lieya during 1911 revolution in China. There are now altogether more than 700 existing ancient building of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Evaluated by domestic famous experts, the ancient town of Yangmei has many well-kept precious historic and cultural heritages and should be further protected and developed as key tourism products. Xialeng and Zhixin in the proximity of the ancient town ofYangmei are also in possession of many pavilions, terraces, towers and arcades as well as rich ecological tour resources.

Progress of Project PreparationImage
The Ancient Town of Yangmei has been designated as the key tourism project for development and construction in Nanning. Up to now RMB 10.50 million has already been invested in the Project. Phase I Project includes the planning for tourism construction. The detailed design for the Project, the rehabilitation of the ancient streets and road pavement have been completed by and large and are open to the tourists. During the previous Nanning International Art Festivals of Folk Songs, Yangmei served as one of the key venues and successfully held such activities as Vigorous Dragon Celebrating the New Year in Flourishing Ages, which achieved sound promotion effects. At present, the Xialeng Ethnic and Folk Culture Tour, Zhixin Ecological Tour have already been initiated, of which the Sum Flower World in Zhixin has been complete and open to tourists.

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