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  Focus on Liuzhou

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Image This is vast stretch of beautiful land that has been endowed with appreciation by the Creator. The unique Karst landscape provides it with picturesque scenery ornamented by green hills, clear water, rare stones and tranquil caves. Pretty scenes can be seen everywhere in the warm and humid mountains and besides the rivers.
    This is an aged-ole famous historical and cultural city. As early as 30,000 years, the ancient human beings had been starting their life of slash-and-burn cultivation in this piece of land. Since the Western Han Dynasty established a county here, the scattered cultural relics, historic sites, poems and biographies written by men of letter and statesmen have silently told us its precarious 2,100 years.
    This is a homeland of pure, generous local conditions and customs. There are a sea of folk ballads and legends, bold and passionate local festivals. Dong Ethnic buildings with skillful craftsmanship, and more than ten minorities with their different life customs, which consist of a bright folk custom sketch for the tourists.Image
    This is a heroic and brave economic giant, who is construction a  prosperous phenomenon as the commercial port in central Guangxi, tapping a new increase point from the traditional industry, and searching for a new lightening point for hi-tech industry. It will develop the traditional culture passed down from Liu Zongyuan( a literary master) and Sister Liu( a folk song singer). As a great city of traffic importance in Southwest China. Liuzhou will draw into limitless commercial opportunities with the rare stones. The open-minded thought of "Great industry in great Liuzhou" has fashioned a high capacity of flexible and open incorporation of diverse industries.
   In the face of such a city combined tradition and modernism, blended folk customs and latest fashion, add such a lively land possessed with unique local flavor, why do you still hesitate? Let's go!

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