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  Guangxi Subtropical Landscape Park

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Name of Project
Guangxi Subtropical Landscape Park
Location of Project
Guangxi Subtropical Crop Research Institute

Total Investment and Pattern of Cooperation
The total estimated investment for the project is RMB 120 million. Joint venture and/or cooperative management is preferred. The inviting party will provide land and a small sum of funds, while the investor(s) will inject most of the construction funds.

Project Scope
This Project will substantially utilize the germplasm resources and the talent advantages of Guanxi Subtropical Crop Research Institute to develop a comprehensive scenic tourism zone, including such facilities as the  Subtropical Landscapes, Ethnic Provincialism, Sightseeing & (subtropical fruits) Degustation, Popular Science & Education, Holiday Tour, Business Meeting and Sports & Body Building, etc. the proposed Project includes SPA(Solus Por Aqual)Facility,  Subtropical Crop; Specimen Garden, Shooting Gallery and Entertainment & Leisure Facilities.

Project Background
Guangxi Subtropical Crop Research Institute, located in the Northern suburb of Nanning  and  set up in 1973, is a key agricultural research institute in guangxi. It occupies an area of vast land (bigger than 8,000 mu) and s in possession of more than 160 technical staff. By introducing various subtropical and tropical crops, the institute has gained abundant germplasm resources contributed by over 1.500 crop varieties. Of the total 73research results fruited in the institute, 23 were awarded with different prizes. The architectural structures inside the institute are featured with subtropical characteristics, providing and excellent environment to serve not only as an ideal scientific research and teaching campus but also as a wonderland for the tourists to take as their destination.

Progress of Project Preparation
The Project has been listed by the governments of Guangxi and Nanning as the key  tourism project for development. The  master plan and other preparation work have been completed and t is now at the starting stage.

Contact Unit: Ordinance & Planning Division Nanning Tourism Bureau
Address: No 1, Jianbin Road, Nanning, Guangxi
Postal Code: 530028
Tel: 0771-5530503
Fax: 0771-553092
E-mail: nntb@public.nn.gx.cn
Website: http://www.nn-tourism.gov.cn


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