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  the Traditional Wedding in Nanning

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    Many lovers choose Autumn to held their wedding in Nanning. But how many people still have memory about traditional wedding. In generally, one wedding have 4 parts, including Choice Object, Espousal, Course, Appreciation, which have SOMEdetails.Image

Choice Object:
    when sons or daughters grow up, their parents have to choose their yokemate, but the most importance must be matched for marriage, then considerly, he/she is beauty or ungly. After parents permit targets, they look one to  mathchmaking.

    The Boy's family invite the fortunetelling to select the lucky day to held the party for espousal(Dinggen in China). First boy's family retain the person to writes note on the right of red paper that there is  boy's birthday time and it is same of the girl, and the account of the word  must be equal, moreover, it must be double, expressing the pair of couple. When espousal, the marriage  formly startes.
   Then both families talk about the money, betrothal gift,dot and choice the wedding day. On money  that give girl's familly was discussed strictly  the total.If what happen on this matter, matchmaker will help to make a match.
 Betrothal gift is the present that boy's familly give girl's family. Generally, the rich family send "sanshan" ( three animals including racoon dog, pangolin, partridge); "sanhai" (choice seafood including sleeve-fish, shrimp, cuttle; and 50 kg rice, 50 kg chicken or pork, 50 kg wine.But the regular is not strict, just follow the life level of family.
    Dot is the material that girl's family give. the rich family send 8 desks that is covered by the gift such as biscuit, cake, fruit, candy; and land, sheep, cattle and so on.
 then, decide the day of wedding.

    It can  be divided into 5 parts: singing, crying, welcomed, entertainment, entrance,
    Before girl marrying, she invites his good friend or close relations to accompany her in her room. they get together to  talk of their emotion, or bless the marriage happiness. good friends or  sisters around girl and sing  song until the candle is out.
    On the wedding day, the bride begins crying, but sometime the bride's elder sister can replace. the content is about yearning parents foster and appreciating relations helping. it is most inviting that bride abuse the matchmaker's greed and cheating parents, especially when bride hates macthmaker. it is most galling that bride scolds bridegroom in public. it continues until bride leaves home.
    when bridegroom go to receive bride, he must look for one unmarried man who is good at talking as his groomsman who encourages bridegroom on the one hand, and help bridegroom answer those questions on the banquet on the other hand.Image
    There are two good luck women who have husband and children, one takes charge  to guide bride out of room to do obeisance ancient and universe, and go to litter; the other answer for splashing flowers, when bride out of room, she must open umbrella and take rice to upcast, then fall down on the head of the bride meaning the new family like rice procreation. bride can't walk down the litter in the route until bridegroom accepts her.
    when the litter come the bridegroom's home, firecracker was burnt to celebrate bride. An elder women guides bride out of litter and take her into hall where bridegroom is waiting for. bride and bridegroom genuflct three times then into the new room. the woman use needlework to slot bride and bridegroom clothes together, meaning life for ever, then spouse drinks wine each other.at that time, they become true couple.
    The next day moring, matchmaker guides bride and bridegroom into hall to make a courtesy call fo ancient, elder and sister-in-law, which is called "Baishuangchao".

     After wedding, couple pay a formal visit parents-in-law and relations, and held banquet that just invites relations. couple must thank the matchmaker with gifts.



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