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  The Zhuang's Cock Dance and Ox Dance

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Cock Dance and Ox Dance

The Zhuang people also celebrate the Spring Festival, the Chinese New Year. Yet, certain events are unique and unusual, including fetching fresh water, drinking lingli (literally smart and capable) water, and dances of the cock and the ox.
Very early in the morning of the Spring Festival, all Zhuang women go to small streams to fetch fresh water for their families and also pick up stones resembling domestic animals, which they put into the pigsties and cowsheds to express their wish that all the domestic animals will thrive. Then, they use the fresh water to boil tea for their families. The village women also drink the so-called lingli water before they go fetched by a recognized smart and capable young woman of the village is believed to be able to make them all smarter. Unmarried girls appear most serious about this ritual.
Also on the first day of the Spring Festival, to the accompaniment of gongs, young villager perform the fighting cock dance, using two cocks made of wood and papaya. The dancers visit every family in the village, offering festive congratulations and singing humorous songs. Happily, each family pulls a few feathers from the cocks and places them in their own chicken coops, again expressing their wishes that the domestic animals will thrive in the new year.  In the Spring Ox show, a joyous crowd, beating gongs and drums and singing special ox songs, surrounds a meticulously made ox. While the ox dances, one person holds the ox head and another one sway the ox tail, while the third person holds the plough and drives the ox.

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