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  The Zhuang's  Story of planting Pulled Teeth

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The Story of planting Pulled Teeth

A long history has bestowed some unique customs upon the Zhuang; one such customthe pulling and planting of pulled teethis derived from a common fairy tale.
  Long ago, Bu Bo, a powerful shaman, caught the Thunder God and put him in prison. He warned his son and daughter never to allow the god any water at all, because he would gain mighty strength from drinking water. Yet, his son and daughter took pity on the god and gave him wasted water with dye-stuff, believing this would not have the same effect. Unfortunately, the Thunder God regained his power all the same and broke out of the prison. He was, however, grateful to them, and before leaving, he pulled out one of his teeth and gave it to them, saying, "Plant it somewhere. In a few days' time, there will be a severe flood and everyone will die. With the tooth, you two will be able to survive." The planted tooth grew into a huge gourd. When the flood came, the brother and sister survived by floating downstream in the gourd. Consequently, the young man and woman turned into husband and wife, produced offspring, and the Zhuang multiplied.
  Even today, in some areas, when a Zhuang child reaches adulthood, a special ceremony is held to celebrate the occasion. One of his or her front teeth (incisor) is pulled out and replaced with a gold or silver one, indicating maturity and the right to date. Also remaining is the belief that teeth can grow when planted in earth. For instance, when a childs tooth falls out, the parents will throw an upper tooth onto the roof of the house and drop a lower tooth on the ground, believing in this way the upper tooth will grow downward and the lower tooth upward.

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