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  The Zhuang's Long History and Unique Drum Culture

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Long History and Unique Drum Culture

Standing in front of the cliff-face paintings at Huashan Mountain, it would be hard to believe that these primitive and crude, yet vivid and precise human figures representing images of the Zhuang ancestors were created were created 2,000 years ago. The boats, knives and swords, bells and copper drums depicted in the primitive art works provide clues to the lives of the ancient Zhuang people.
  No doubt the origin of the ancient Zhuang civilization goes farther back than the rock carvings at Huashan Mountain. According to historical records, the ancestors of the Zhuang were called"Pu", and their leaders could be given the ranks of duke of marquis, similar to the nobles of the State Chu during the Zhou Dynasty (c.11th century-221 B.C.). The Pu people were the originators of the bronze drum culture now prevalent among the various minority ethnic groups in the southwestern part of China. Their superb craftsmanship is well demonstrated by the ancient masterpieces of bronze drums existing today.Image
  Copper drums were widely used in ancient times-in sacrificial ceremonies, in battles, and in festival celebrations. On the drums in use now, there are often carved patterns of the sun, frogs, dancing human figures with wings, and boat racing. These reflect the Zhuang peoples traditional culture. They worship the sun, believe in the Frog Goddess and beat copper drums when they celebrate the Maluo (a name given to the frog by the Zhuang) Festival, and hold boat races.

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