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  Yi's Swing Like Heavenly Immortals

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Swing Like Heavenly Immortals
During celebration of the autumn harvest and at Spring Festival, the Yi living in Longlin and Xilin erect swings in their villages. It is said a long, long time ago, there was a severe drought. Strangely, the sun did not come out, either. It seemed there would be nothing to harvest and people were thrown into despair and terror. Two brothers came forward with the idea of building a swing with logs, so that they could swing to the heaven to ask the Heavenly Lord for mercy. They kept swinging for 15 days and nights and finally rain came down and then the sun came out. But the two brothers died of overwork. To remember them, people now do the swing every year. To do this game, one or two people take up position at each end of a horizontal bar. They interchangeably step hard on the ground to make the bar rise and fall. While doing so, the players show their skills and courage in doing various acrobatic movements.

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