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  Dong's Competing for the Iron Ring-Rugby in the Orient

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Competing for the Iron Ring-Rugby in the Orient

  The competition for the iron ring, held on the third day of the third month every year, is a most exciting activity for the Dong. On the festival occasions, the Zhuang also stage this competition. For both ethnic groups, this is a game for brave people. Participants from each village form into teams to compete with others. The iron ring, beautifully called "a flower cannon shell", is about five centimeters in diameter and wrapped in red cloth. It is sent into the sky by a shooting device. And when it falls, the teams from different villages rush forward and try to be the first to get hold of it. Then under the protection and with the help of teammates, the lucky person who has it tries to break the interception and evade the chasing of the opposing team. He and his team emerge as the victor once he places it in a basket on the terrace serving as home for the opponent.

  It is a very tough game and in a way resembles rugby in the West; hence, it is known as the "rugby of the Orient".

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