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  China(Guangxi) Traditional Medicine Culture Tourism Base

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Name of Project
China Guangxi Traditional Medicine Culture Tourism Base

Location of Project
Guangxi Medicinal Garden

Total Investment and Pattern of Cooperation
The Total Estimated Investment for the project is RMB 165 Million. Joint venture and/or cooperative management is preferred. The inviting party will provide land, technical personnel and a small sum of funds, while the investor(s) will inject most of the construction funds.

Project scope
the Project will bring the resource advantages into full play by building a tourism zone that emphasizes tourist participation, rich cultural connotation unique characteristics. The tourism zone will be characterized by the Chinese medical herbs integrated with Chinese medicine culture, garden culture, popular science and scientific research, education and training, health care and sightseeing. The project will be made into a competitive tourism product for the green city of Nanning. The proposed project includes such items as the Chinese Medical Herb Garden, Health Care and Reservation Center, Leisure Holiday Tour Zone, Medical Herb Processing Zone and Popular Science & Entertainment Zone for Children.

Project Background
Located in the eastern outskirts of Nanning, Guangxi Medicinal Garden(herein after referred as the Garden) was established in 1959 with an area of 217 ha. Up to now the garden has collected and been in possession of more than 2,500 species of medical herbs, making it the biggest professional medicinal garden in china. The technical personnel engaged in herb planting and science research totals more than 80. with the strong technical force, the garden has been awarded the provincial and/or ministerial prizes for 8 research results. The Garden extensively carries out the academic exchanges with domestic and overseas research circle in this field. All these have formed the resource and talent advantages for the development of the Project.

Progress of Project Preparation
The planning design and the feasibility study for the Project have been finished. In the meantime, the rebuilding works on the entrance zone, in-garden roads and some supporting facilities are being carried out. As the China(Guagnxi) Traditional Medicine Culture Tourism Base Project has been listed as the key tourism project in Nanning, therefore, the concerned sectors are actively providing their cooperation in inviting investment to promote the development of the Project.

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