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  Yao's'Climbing a Mountain of Swords, Crossing a Sea of Flames'

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'Climbing a Mountain of Swords, Crossing a Sea of Flames'

  The Yao are one of the most heroic ethnic minorities in Guangxi. During sacrificial, prayer, and ghost chasing ceremonies, they usually exhibit a series of unique physical skills to demonstrate their invincible spirit. To climb a ladder of swords and cross a sea of fire on bare feet are two of these breathtaking skills. Commonly referred to as climbing a mountain of swords, the act of climbing swords requires the performer to ascend, on his bare feet, a ladder fixed with sharp sword edges serving as the rungs without receiving any injury.

  There are several ways to cross the sea of fire: In the first way, iron ploughshares are heated till they turn red, then the performer will walk quickly on the shares. Another way is to walk on burning charcoal. Still another way is called walking on bamboo lanterns. Bamboo tubes are made into oil lamps. The performer then walks on the lamps, placing his foot on each lamp without knocking them down.

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