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  Ancient Martial Plank-Shoe Dance

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Ancient Martial Plank-Shoe Dance

  Of all the sports and recreational activities of the Zhuang, the most humorous one is the plank-shoe contest. Three of four persons form a team and put on one pair of long plank-shoes to compete with other teams. The competitors have to walk in step with high precision like in a military march; otherwise, they would be thrown off their feet.

  According to legend, the plank-shoe dance originated in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Lady Wa, a heroine of the Zhuang people, led an army of Zhuang soldiers to fight against Japanese pirates in Zhejiang during the reign of Emperor Jiajing. She trained her soldiers with racing in teams of three with legs tied together, so that strict discipline and full cooperation were attained. Later on, this evolved into an interesting game. (by Guo Jianshe)

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