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  ShangriLa Holiday Around Detian Waterfall

    ----the transational tour to an adventaged landscape
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  InDaxin County, a border county of Nanning Prefecture of Guangxi, there is a peculiar scenic spot. That is the famour Lanscape Painted Corridor......Detian Scenic Spot of Nanning, Guangxi.
  There are over 40 kilometers border line shared by China and Vietnam in Daxin County. No. 53 and No. 54 border tablets seem to tell us hundreds of years history. With the establishment of friendly relationship between China and Vietnam and the last mine was declared to be removed, Detian Scenic Spot at last was known by the outside world as a mysterious vigin land. It is actually a precious gift of God to the people who are tire of city life.
  Detian Scenic Spot is 140 kilometers away from Nanning, the capital of Guangxi. There are over 40 State-level attractions in the Spot. Among them, over 20 are Grade 3, 15 are Grade 2, 6 are Grade 1, 1 is Top Grade. As the Top Grade Scenic Spot of the State, Detain Waterfall is of tremendous momentum and shakes the tourists. It falls in three steps and looks spectacular. It connects with Banyue Waterfall of Vietnam and forms the second largest transborder waterfall in the world.
  However, Detian Waterfall is only part of the Detian Scenic Spot. The hill here is peculiar and was covered by fog and cloud. The lake here is like mirror and river is like jade belt. Ancient trees are everywhere. In Spring, ceiba blooms like rosy clouds; in summer, the trees and flowers flourish; in Autumn, it is full of golden colour; in Winter, the hill looks obscure. It is of different features in different weather and seasons.
  It is a Painting Corridor. It is more than a Painting Corridor. It is a famous saying which goes that no painting will interest you when you come back from Detian Waterfall. Actually, Detian Scenic Spot shows you its unique charm with its beautiful scenery, rich local products, famous attractions and special border feature.Image

Detian Waterfall
---Everlasting Memory
  Detian Waterfall, the Top Grade Attraction of the State, is 66 kilometers away from county town. It comes from Guichun River and flows all the year. It falls from the cliff and forms a waterfall. The waterfall is over 120 meters in width and 60 meters in depth and is a fall of over 70 meters to the bottom of the cliff. It connects with the Banyue Waterfall of Vietnam and forms a waterfall of over 200 meters long. It is the largest transborder waterfall in Asia and second largest in the world.
  The waterfall falls in three steps and is of tremendous momentum. It's sound can be heard of even miles away. The waterfall shows different features in different seasons. In Spring, the ceiba as red as fire makes it more remantic. In Spring, the rush-down rapids make it more spectacular; in Autumn, the harvest surroundings make it a happy child: in Winter, the slow current makes it a leisurely poet. No matter which season it is, the Waterfall is always so green and abundant and of tremendous momentum. It will be in the minds of visitors forever.

Mingshi Attraction
---Ideal Place For Hermit
  As a Grade 1 tourist attraction, it is 53 kilometers away from county town. Mingshi River passes through the hills nad villages, winding it's way ahead with the bamboo along the bank. It's beautiful hills and rivers gain it the honour of "better than Guilin".
  In the morning, the cooking smoke and fog curl up; at the sunset, rosy clouds disperse and flowers and grass set each other off. What a beautiful heaven it is !
  Green water, terraced fields, villagers' residence and windmills, country life, all these attract visitor here. Visitors can see the bamboo rafts moving on the river, egrets flying among the bamboo, birds singing on the back of the cattle, or even their own inverted image in the clean river. They can also take the photos with the local children or muse by the bridge to clean their minds. It's just like the life of supernatural beings and hermits.

Heishui River
---Go Back With "Darkgreen"
  As the Grade 1 Attraction, it is 33 kilometers away from county town. It is 44.5 kilometers long and is the longest river in Daxin County. The stone of the bank have peculiar shape and hills and trees make the river mysterious. The trees and hills contrast finely with the inverted image of their own and form the "darkgreen" colour, so it is named "Heshui River (Darkgreen River).
  In Winter, the fog curls up just like a jade belt waving around the hills. In Summer, the wind and river make you cool. Windmills, terraced fields, golden crops, local children, brids and flowers, all these make up a fairyland, The water and hills here seem to have emotion and people and natural becomes part of each other. Visitors can help thinking of going back with "darkgreen".

Flying Clouds Over The Green Islands
---Flying In The Air
  As a Grade 2 Attraction, it is only 4 kilometers away from Detian Waterfall, When Guichun River flows here, it becomes slow and forms the shoal. There are several islands in green in the shoal. The peculiar stones in darkbrown on the green grass are just like well-made bonsais. The stones in the shaol are different in size and form the curly, uneven stone dam. The river, fast or slow, strikes the dam and makes the spray, just like crystal pearl curtain covering the river and also like the clouds floating above the river, free and smooth.

Nian Di Waterfall
---Hearing Sounds of Nature
  As a national second grade attraction and another famous waterfall in Detian Scenic Spot, Nian Di Waterfall is 55 kilometers away from the country town.. With lovely seven steps of water, with high hills and dense forest on its both sides, the waterfall is like a bright silver curtain. It looks even more beautiful after rain when the sun shines again. The clouds and mist, like a white soft gauze, curl up from green mountains. Comparing with the magnificent Detian Waterfall is full of tender feeling, gentle and soft. Frequently the fisher shuttles back and forth on a raft around the waterfall. Isn't it like a simple and natural Chinese ink and wash?

Qiao Miao Calm Lake
---Dreamland Of Heart
  As national second grade attraction, covering a space of 5,000 mu, Qiao miao lake is at 8 kilometers from the country town. With light green, the lake is as smooth as a mirror. One can go boating freely on the lake while admiring a hazy view. Such a lake, with the reflection of the mountains, the trees and the mist in it, with rosy clouds around it and a few hills loom in the distance. Flowers in a mirror or the moon in the water, an illusion but true. Close to the calm qiao miao lake, you will be carefree, open mind to nature and hear the voices from your heart.

Chungui River
---A Boundary River Between Vietnam And China
  Sourced in Jing Xi country town, this river never dry up all over the years. People name it as it flows sluggishly and brings simultaneously the spring to two close neighbours separated only by a strip of water.
Guichun River stretches 10 li from shuolong to Detian Waterfall. Looking from one side of the river, one can not only feel an mystique exotic atmosphere of the other side, but also admire the unique style of architecture of nationality minority of Zhuang. That's really an interesting experience.

Dragon Cave And Dragon Pool
---Inside the dragon cave and dragon pool, there is an infinite variety of fanastic stalactities, some like lion and tiger, some like cock and bird, some like lotus, some like bamboo shoot. And of course, a giant stone dragon coil here. People can see clearly its scales and nails and nearly want to touch its long palpus. The nature almost makes it alive. The dragon pool includes several natural deep dams with clean and cool water. It a rather peaceful and secluded around here. A good resting place for coiling dragon and crouching tiger, also a ideal place for explorations.

Distinctive National Feature
  The people living here hold themselves aloof from the world. The life here is simple and unadorned. The people with clothing of minority nationality unique style can be seen all around. Some work in the fields, some do washing beside the small stream, some herd cattle in the green grass. They are carefree, content, warmhearted. You will never forget their friendly smile, their folk arts, their rich and varied boundary characteristic and distinctive national features.

Natural Charm
  Detian Scenic Spot contains so many natural paintings and natural arts, such as a wonderful view of Naai, stalactites of grotesque shapes in immortal mountain and pool, peaks rising one higher than another and peculiar grottos in En cheng national region, jade green jadeite lake, innumerable historic site and rare animals.... It's really a long and colourful painted corridor with romantic southern scenery!

Villa For Holidays
  The lodging in Detian Scenic Spot is convenient and comfortable. There are several 3 Stars hotels such as Suo Long Hotel, Mountain Retreat and Detian Hotel etc, with complete facilities (solar power calorifier, statellite TV, luxurious bathroom etc). Looking from the windows of the villa of Detian Mountain Retreat, without a outdoor step, you can admire the magnificent transnational waterfall and the wonderfall sight of spring returning river bank of Vietnam. Here, you will be enchanted by the typical Chinese countryside life-bow head to collect plants, raise head to looking up mountains.

Transportation And Visitors Itinerary
  Favorable transportation to Detian Scenic Spot from any other city, you can firstly arrive in Nanning by airplane, train or bus. You can also participate to two or three days' tour organized by NOTC-SheltonChina Travel Online.
  The direct travel bus will start off from Nanning long-distance bus station to Detian Scenic Spot at 8:30 o'clock and return back to Nanning at 3:00 PM each day.

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