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  Visiting Other Stockaded Villages

    -a sociable activity for the Miao youth
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   Visiting other stockaded villages is a sociable activity for the Miao youth between males or females. The young people will walk in the moonlight so it's called "stepping on the moon". Whenever there is moonlight, lads in group, three or five, playing the flute or violin, walk everywhere in other stockaded villages to look for lasses for singing in antiphonal style while lasses stay in a certain wooden cabin to spin yarn, talking and laughing. Hearing the music, they will stop talking and laughing,and just spin the yarn. Hearing just spinning, lads know the lasses are waiting and will climb up the stairs quietly and then sit around the fire to play their musical instruments. Thus the girls will sing to the music. If a lad and a lass take a farry to each other, they will sing by themselves Imageuntil daybreak with enthusiam never ending. The lad will declare his love to the lass openly but the lass will not easily accept it. A few days laters, the lass will ask her close friends to dig earth in the plot near the lad's, and the lad will come to help, which means the bridge of love has been made. In the next 3rd lunar month, the young lovers will sow seeds in the plot they once dug. In autumn, the two will reap their crop like picking the fruit of their love, and report to their parents about their love and decide the date of wedding. During the time for visiting other stockaded villages, parents won't interfere in their daughters' making friends.


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