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  Qingxiushan Tourist Attraction Zone

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Name of project:
Qingxiushan Tourist Attraction Zone

Location o Project
  Tourism Development Zone within Qingxiushan Tourist Attraction Zone

Total Investment and Pattern of Cooperation
  The total estimated investment for the project is RMB 3 billion. Joint venture and /or cooperative management is preferred. The inviting party will provide land and a small sum of funds, while the investor(s) will inject most of the construction funds.

Project Scope
  The Project aim mainly to develop a base for green tourism and leisure holiday tour, prioritizing Green and local cultural characteristics to satisfy the multi-level demands of tourists for sightseeing and entertainment as well as leisure holiday tour so as to turn Nanning into a large-scale ecological tourism zone. It is planned to construct the only botanic Garden in China with more than 5,000 species of plants. The proposed Project also includes the Applying to UN for listing, the Biggest Winter camp Base for Teenagers in China, the Golf course (ranked top class in Asia), Chinese Folk Art center, Typical Zhuang Villages for Tourism, High-grade Holiday Tour and Villa Zone, Large-scale & High-grade Amusement Park Equipped with Introduced High-tech, the Theme Park of Various continents in the world and the High-grade Convention Center, etc.
Project Background
  Qingxiushan Tourist Attraction Zone(hereinafter referred as the zone) is located at the Southeast of Nanning city, immediately neighboring Yongjiang River. With green hills and clear water, the scenery in the Zone is extremely fascinating. There are thousand-plus varieties of plants classified into more than 30 families growing inside the Zone, showing its rich botanic resources. It was classified as a zone of provincial level by the people's Government of Guangxi in 1989. the proposed tourism development zone occupies an area of 26kO have already been developed, including Long-xiang(dragon-Elephant) Pagoda, Fenghuang(Phoenix) Pagoda, Palm Tree Park, Azalea Garden, Rain Forest Park and cycad Garden. The tourism service facilities inside the Zone are completely collocated, which enables it to receive more than one million person-times annually, demonstrating that the Zone has established a fixed guest source, In 2000, the Zone was accredited as one of the first tourist attractions with Class AAAA by the National Tourism Administration through appraisal.

Progress of project Preparation
  In order to speed up the development of the One and increase the operation deficiency of the Project, CPC Nanning Committee and Nanning municipal Government have set up Nanning  Qingxiushan Tourist Attraction Zone Management Committee to take the overall charge of financing, development, construction and management of the Qingxiushan Tourist Attraction Zone Project. Up to now the invited worldwide famous designing firm, Peddle Thorp Architects from Australia, has finished the master plan for the Zone. The activities such as cooperation with foreign giant economic entities are being carried out actively. The preparation work for some projects has already begun. The Gulf Course and the trunk road to the Zone have been completed by and large.

    Contact Unit: Ordinance& Planning Division Nanning Tourism bureau
    Address: No 1, Jiabin Road, Nanning, Guangxi
    Postal code:0771-5300028
    Fax: 0771-5530492
    E-mail: nntb@public.nn.gx.cn
    Website: http://www.nn-tourism.gov.cn


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