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  Night wedding

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  Night wedding is a wedding custom in Zhuang area in Northern Guangxi. It is also called "torch wedding". At wedding night, bridegroom will bring with him 20 to 30 lads, carry torches, walk and sing to go to the bride's home. Near the village of the bride's, they will sing in antiphonal style with the girls who are accompanying the bride. Generally, lads will win in singing. Then an eloquent lad will go near the bride'shome and be stopped and questioned by the girls, when the lad gives right answers, he is allowed to go inside to meet the bride. On the way, the bride is accompanied by 20 to 30 girls, walking and singing in antiphonal style with the lad who came to meet the bride. With songs and laughs, the bride comes to the bridegroom's home to get married by kneeling before the parents. Then the new couple go to the bridal chamber while other young people continue to sing until daybreak.By the way,someone makes friends and probably there will be some more new couples.

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