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1. How to acquire relative information on Guilin tour quickly and precisely?
  When you come to Guilin the first time, it is important for collecting relative information. Besides visiting this website carefully, you can acquire relative information on Guilin tour through following ways:
  A: In telephone: 0086-771-5529707,5668168,or 0086-13077791001,13367816128, 13807817568 (24 hours on duty)
  B: Asking for free data and consulting: there are 15 tourism consulting stations (seeing the Tourism Map of Guuangxi) in every city downtown, and a lot of free data for tourist's choice such as the Tourism Map of Guilin Downtown etc. You may to there for help or getting these data. If the hotel you stay is the star-level one, you can get them in lobby.
  C: On Internet: if the hotel you stay supply Internet service, you may entry www.gxtravel.com for relative information, which is established by Guangxi Tour Bureau. The above ways are the right ones for acquiring information on Guangxi tour. Please keep your eyes open on the information provided by incredible person.

2. The Points for Tourist's Attention
  A:Please read and check carefully the price list of guestroom made under the supervision of Guangxi Municipal Commodity Price Department at front desk of hotels in every city before you entry a hotel, and ask for the relative service items, such as whether air-conditioner is available, the period of hot water supply etc. If it is the Gold-week of Tourism or large-scale conference or celebration activities are held in Guangxi, the guestroom price may higher than that at ordinary time. Please entry after asking clearly.
  B:When entry for the group tour consisting of individual tourists for sightseeing organized by local tourism agencies, please check carefully whether this tourism agency owns the qualified Certificate of Business Department of Agency? get the  booking List of the Individual Tourists for Sightseeing made under the supervision of Guangxi Tour Bureau. If you entry for tour in hotel you stay, please consulate the unit that organizes individual tourists for sightseeing, and conform whether this unit has the business qualification certificate referring to the lists of tourism agencies that can organize individual tourists for sightseeing approved by municipal department concerned.
  C:When you go shopping under the instruction of tourist guide, please check whether the shop has a marking brand of the Member Unit of Self-discipline Business Association? When you go shopping by yourself, please go to the authorized shop. You must remember to take the formal invoice and keep it carefully when you shopping.
  D:When you spend money on food, drinking or entertainment, please ask the boss to show the standard price list. Do not accept the commodities and services not stipulated in the price list, and take the formal invoice after payment.
  E:When you go sightseeing by taxi, please choose carefully the unknown scenic spots or shopping items recommended by driver. Also, the taxi price will be charged according to the sum displayed on price meter except for chartered car through negotiation.

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