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  Kunlun Pass International Peace Village

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Name of Project
Kunlun Pass International Peace Village

Location of Project
Kunlun Pass, Nanning

Total Investment and Pattern of Cooperation
the total investment is 25 million yuan and the pattern of cooperation is joint venture or sole investment.

Project Scale and Scope
Construction of decorated archway, gateway area, parking lots, general service facilities, park cemetery for the martyrs, garden-like reception building, the main cenotaph, memorial hall for Kunlung Pass battle, garden-like residential area, road network within the scenic spot and green belt, etc.

Conditions for Project Construction
Kunlung Pass can be developed as a huge intangible asset for its historic value. The Project is 40 km away from the county seat of Binyang and 47km away from Nanning. Nanning CBinyang Highway passes by the foot of the pass. The traffic conditions are favorable with guaranteed power and water supply.

Market Analysis
Kunlun Pass has been a strategic pass from of old and many battles have been fought for it, the most famous of which were the Battle for the Night Seizure of the Pass in the Song Dynasty and the Kunlun Pass Anti-Japanese Battle in 1939. in 1946 a  memorial park, cenotaph and torii were built for the memorial of the KIAs in the battle against the Japanese invaders, Jiangkaichek and other VIPs of the KMT provided epigraph, inscription, and couplets for the memorial of the KIAs. Kunlun pass has now become a based for patriotic education. It is estimated that the project can receive more than 150 thousand person-times a year after completion of the project.

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