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  The Lovers' Valley Tourism Zone in Litang Town, Binyang County

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Name of project
The Lovers' Valley Tourism Zone in Litang Town, Binyang County

Location of Project
Litang  Town, Binyang County

Total Investment and Pattern of Cooperation
The total investment is 8 million yuan and the pattern of cooperation is joint venture or sole investment.

Project Scale and Scope
The project includes the improvement and construction of four natural scenic spots: Lovers' Lake Scenic Spot, Stone Pool Scenic Spot, and the construction of such service facilities as the entrance area, parking lots, general service facilities, guesthouse and green belt, etc.

Condition for Project Construction
The Project is located at the Sancha Reservoir and the Water Source Valley in the southeast of Litang Town, Binyang County. It is only 13km from Litang Town Zone, 40 km from the county seat and 120km from Nanning. The secondary road of Nanning to Wuzhou passes through the project area. It is only 17 km from Wangling Tollgate of Guilin-Beihai Freeway. The traffic conditions are favorable with guaranteed power and water supply.

Market Analysis
Litang Lovers' Valley Scenic Spot consists of four natural scenic spots: Lovers' Lake scenic spot, Stone Pool Scenic Spot, Green Gorage Scenic Spot and waterfall Scenic Spot. These spots are characterized b their comeliness, uniqueness, quietness and grandness. Presently as many as 8000 person-times go to the Lovers' Valley Scenic Spot for sightseeing every yea. It is estimated that the  project can receive more than 30 thousands person-times a year after completion  of the project.

Contact Unit: Binyang Tourism Bureau
Contact Person: Li Zeyang
Tel : 0771--8223115


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