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  Mulao Folk Songs

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 Mulao Folk songs

   Folk songs and "Caidiao" (a form of local drama) are very popular among the Mulao people. The songs are antiphonal and sung in the Han language.
  Mulao folk songs may divided on two ways
  1) Divided according to the contents: there are three kinds: "Youtiao", "Shuikouda" and "Koufeng". "Youtiao" means story recording songs, 'Singing the Ruocheng City' and 'Third sister Lui' for instance.  "Shuikouda" means extempore folk songs which are mainly about love. "Koufeng" is a kind of ironical songs.
  2) Divided according to sentence style: there are Dozens kinds of folk songs. Singers may distinguish them by the sentences  number of the whole song, by the words number in one sentence or by the whole words number of one song.

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