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  Yaos' Long Drum Dance

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Image Yaos' Long Drum Dance

   Long drum is also called yellow soil drum. Long drum dance is Yaos' traditional dance. A long drum is made of rouge wood, nearly one meter long, two ends thick and the middle part thin. The drum side is carved with flowers, birds, dragon and phoenix. Some drums have brass bell, linked to its sides and middle part. At dance, the drum bangs and bells ring.The sound makes up a chord.There are two persons dance. Four persons dance and collective dance. Dancers tie their legs with bands and wear Chinese style jackets and trousers with a drum hung over the shoulders, two hands beating.They dance now fast,now gently and gracefully to the beat of the drum, which is dazzling and exciting.Long drum dance has a long history.Fan chengda of the song Dynasty said in the essay The Annals of Gui Hai Yu Heng: "Drum is the musical instrument for Yaos, which has a shape of a waist drum, but two times longer than it. The upper part is longer and the lower is bigger.Two ends of the drum are covered with skins for beating. "It is said that Pan Hu Yaos' ancestor, was knocked over by a fierce antelope and fell dead to a precipice. His younger generation used the skin from the antelope to make a drum, showing their hatred to the antelop and memorizing their ancestor. Sometimes, Yaos sing a song of King Pan and dance to the rhythm of a long drum.

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