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  Yueye and Road-blocking Song

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   In Dong's dialect, Yueye means that the collective go out to be guests, which is the Dong's tradition for sociable activities. Road-blocking song is for Dong nationality to meet or see off guests. The length of the time for Yueye depends on contents. Generally speaking, one person represents one family. Led by the most distinctive of the village, the group will go to the friendly village for a visit. When the guests from Village A come near village B, the hosts from Village B must meet them at the entrance while making blockade on the way with farm tools or household things. Horse team will ask questions by singing and the guest team will answer with songs. When the hosts get the right answer, they will remove the blockade. If the answer is wrong, firecrackers will be set by guest team to show their apology and the hosts will clear all the blockades to let in the guests to take part in the rich friendly activities such as performing Dong play, Dong songs, dragon and lion dance, playing reed-pipe wind instrument. At the end, hosts will see off the guests and sing blocking-road songs again to persuade them to stay on. Both teams show their sorrow of parting and also their friendship as fellow countrymen.

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