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  Eighteen Rules in Singing in antiphonal style

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Image   There are  some rules for miaos' singing in antiphonal style. If someone breaks the rules, he or she will be driven out of the singing spot. In the wedding, praising songs will be sang and so will historical stories, legends, astronemy and geotogy. After the older people go away, the young may sing love songs which have to be implicit. At parting, parting songs will be sang. When lads and lasses sing in artiphonal style, though falling in love, lads are not allowed to give keepsakes to lasses in public. At wedding feast, no riddle song is sung because a riddle song will cause quanels, and damage the happy atmosphere.  Singing in antiphonal style, Imageyoung men are forbidden to invite marred women or engaged girls.  If they make a wrong choice,  the females will refuse the invitation and return the keepsakes sent by the men. On the way meeting with this singing, you should take past in it. If you are in a hurry,you should sing to show apotogy.

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