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  Music and dance of Miaos

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Music and dance of Miaos

   The Miao have a highly diversified culture developed from a common root. They are fond of singing and dancing, and have a highly-developed folk literature. Their songs, which do not rhyme and vary greatly in length from a few lines to more than 15,000, are easy to understand and are very popular among the Miaos. 
   Miaozu Nationality is famous of her songs and dance. Her folk songs keep many kinds and melodies,  such  as  modesty  and sobriety Ancient Song, heroic and jazzy ImageFlying Song, sentimental Love Song and so on. These songs are very leasant, affecting and very deep in content.  The most festival is Chanhuashan in 5th day of 5th month in lunar calendar, when girls and boys sing love song in antiphonal style to select sweetheart.  The Miao's dances include the lusheng dance, drum dance and bench dance. Lushen is the favorite musical instrument of Miao people.    

    The lusheng is their favorite musical instrument. In addition, flutes, copper drum, mouth organs, the xiao (a vertical bamboo flute) and the suona horn are also very popular. Popular dances include the lusheng dance, drum dance and bench dance.     

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