Count down to upcoming international water carnival in Liuzhou

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The annual international water carnival will kick off in Liuzhou city in South Chinas Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region between September 30 and October 10.

The annual water carnival will feature parades, water sports and a beer festival. The five-day event is an effort to enhance Liuzhou's international influence, as it will include seven international competitions, including water-skiing and yacht racing.

The carnival, which marks its third anniversary this year, is held to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese National Day holidays. It is expected to draw a large number of tourists and competitors from around the world.

It is estimated that Liuzhou received a total of 1.81 million visitors during last years water carnival. The number of visitors increased 100.57 percent from the previous year. The surge in visitors generated a total of 889 million yuan ($145.26 million) for the tourism industry in Liuzhou.

The upcoming water carnival in Liuzhou city is also expected to boost the tourism sector in neighboring districts and counties.

In order to involve more local residents into the water carnival, the Liuzhou government will seek feedback and suggestions from the public through Internet channels and newspapers.

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