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    Cites & Counties -NanNing

    Nanning, the capital of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is a city with a long history. First built over 1,600 years ago, in 318 during the Eastern Jin Dynasty, it was a strategically important political, economic and cultural center. The city now has five urban districts, a suburban district and six counties under its jurisdiction, namely Shanglin County, Hengxian County, Yongning County, Long'an County, Mashan County, Wuming County and Binyang County. As far as tourist attractions are concerned, Nanning, in the south of the region, offers many interesting sites.

    A Stroll in the Green Capital
    Upon arrival in Nanning, its luxuriant green trees and brilliant flowers that bloom all year round impress everyone. People are not exaggerating when they refer to Nanning as the green Capital  or garden City.
    Located at the center of a small depression south of the Tropic of Cancer and surrounded by mountain, Nanning enjoys plentiful sunshine and rainfall, and a mild climate.

    Taking a stroll in the city, one will find that all the 14 main streets are lined with trees such as sweet peach, betelnut, and palmand artocarpus which offer shade, and flower trees and peacock, in addition to hibiscus, Nanning city flower. These trees take turns in adorning the city with their colorful blossoms. A poet once described Nanning as half a city of buildings shaded by half a city of green trees? In fact, grass and plants cover 31 percent of the city, making Nanning one of the greenest cities in China.

    There are many parks and gardens within urban Nanning and its outskirts. Among them are the White Dragon, South Lake, West Suburban and Qingxiu parks, Guangxi Medical Plants Botanical Garden, and the Folk Customs Garden.
      More Facts about Nanning
      Location & Area: located in the Nanning Basin in the mid-south area of Guangxi, with an average height of 74-79 meters above sea level; to the south of the Tropic of Cancer; with an area 10029 sq km and the city afforestation rate has reached 37%;
      Rivers: the major river is Yujiang River, the biggest tributary of Xijiang River, and the part of which flowing through the city is called Yongjiang River.
      Climate: belongs to the sub-tropical monsoon zone, with plenty of sunshine, little frost and almost no snow as its climate is affected by thye oceanic air current. The average annual temperature is about 21.7 'C, and annual precipitation up to 1300 mm.
      Population: 4.91 million, with 64% of which from Zhuang ethnic group,  the 36% of which are from other ethnic groups including Han, Miao, Yao, Hui, Dong, Maonan, and Mulao ethnic groups.
      Honorable Titles: "China Top Tourist City"; "Top 50 Chinese Cities with Most Powerful Overall Strength"; "National Hygienic City"; "National Garden City".

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