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  Baise city

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Baise city

Baise, a relatively less traveled place, is in the far west of Guangxi near the Yunnan border. Bordering Vietnam to the south, Baise enjoys a warm monsoon climate, making it a pleasant travel destination in winter. The scenery here is very different from around Guilin or Liuzhou. Baise is well known in China as it was there that Deng Xiaoping led what is known as the Baise Uprising, one of the first communist uprisings leading to the Long March and the great revolution. There is a museum in the town commemorating this event. Nearby is the Youjiang River Minorities Museum which displays artifacts of the Zhuang people in this area. Image

If you go at the right time of year (summer isbest), be sure to buy some mangoes. This is a major mango growing area in China, and they are cheap and sweet.

Dashiwei Tiankeng at Leye County is a newly-developed travel hotspot located at the northwest corner of Baise. Tiankeng, meaning literally "sky pit" in Chinese, refers to the large vertical-sided enclosed valley formulated over millions of years through the special geological movement. To be defined as a Tiankeng, the depth and diameter of the cave should exceed 100 meters.



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